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International Advisors

Professor Raymond Saner.png
 Professor Raymond Saner  

Prof. Raymond Saner, PhD, is Titular Professor at Basle University, Switzerland (Trade and Development) and teaches at Sciences Po, Paris (Public Affairs) and University of Luneburg, Germany (Environmental Science) and is Reviewer of Research Projects and Partner of Research Consortia.


He was a member of Expert Groups which drafted scientific contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), moderated a SDG HLPF session under the auspices of ECOSOC, member of Editing Teams that drafted the Global Sustainable Development Report, and acted as Reviewer and Discussant of Public Private Partnership agreements.


He is Reviewer of management journals, author of books and scientific journals and served as Officer in professional organizations such as the Academy of Management (Board member of ODC division), Chair of the AoM Advisory Council to Board of Governors and is member of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences in Brussels.


He is a member of International Editorial Advisory Board of Public Administration & Policy Journal.

Professor Lichia Saner-Yiu.png
 Professor Lichia Saner-Yiu  

Prof. Lichia Saner-Yiu, EdD (Indiana University), is President of the Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND) in Geneva, Switzerland, an NGO with ECOSOC accreditation and special consultative status.


She specializes in transformative technology and institutional development and has designed institutional development instruments to enable public administrative reforms in China, Slovenia, Russia and Bolivia.

She developed a Learning & Development (L&D) quality management system based on the ISO 10015 Quality Standard for Training and acted as Auditor for the system review in organizations and governments.


She was member of the Executive Board of the Management Education and Development Division of the Academy of Management for many years and is Reviewer for the Journal of Managerial Psychology.


She has published extensively in the academic and professional journals and taught as Visiting Professor at different universities in Taiwan, Switzerland and the USA. More recently, she is working on Sustainable Cities (SDG 11).


She is a member of International Editorial Advisory Board of Public Administration & Policy Journal

 Professor Nancy Bocken  

Professor in Sustainable Business, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Expert in Sustainable Business Models, PhD from Cambridge University

 Ms.  Weiwei Kou  

Sustainability Director, North Asia at Unilever China

Carbon trading and Fintech specialist, Master Degree from Cambridge University

 Mr. Tony Wines  

CEO & Founder of Turnkey Group, Singapore

ESG Data Specialist

 Dr. Alan Miller  

Managing Director, Liquate Ltd.

PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Chinese University of Hong Kong

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