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CEP Guidance Notes & Use of Trademark


Updated on 20 February 2024

Guidance Notes on
CEP® Designation, logo, CEPAR® and ICSD Membership

  1. International Chamber of Sustainable Development (“ICSD”) owns Certified ESG Planner (“CEP”) trademark and CEP logo. Only the members of ICSD, who have completed the designated education program and fulfilled the ongoing membership requirements, are authorized to use CEP designation: CEP® and CEP logo:


  2. If a CEP holder fails to meet any of the membership requirements, he or she forfeits the right to use the CEP designation.

  3. Until membership is reactivated by, including but not limited to, paying back all the outstanding annual membership fees, individuals must not present themselves to others as CEP holder. They may state, however, that they were holder in the past.

  4. It is not intended to prohibit factual statements related to the positive benefit of earning the CEP designation. However, statements referring to ICSD that overstate the competency of an individual or imply, either directly or indirectly, that superior performance can be expected from someone with the CEP designation are not allowed.

  5. ICSD members are non-voting members and annual membership fees are used to maintain its operations and support charitable activities.

  6. ICSD reserves the right to terminate membership as well as the use of CEP designation and CEP logo in the event that any breaches deemed to damage the reputation of ICSD.

  7. The general public, including employers, may verify the status of membership via ICSD’s website:

    However, you have the right to opt out.

  8. Whenever the CEPAR® is used, a proper description should be added: “CEPAR® is a methodology trademarked by International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD) for addressing ESG issues”.

General Requirements for Using the CEP® Trademark

Certified ESG Planner certificants should follow the requirements of International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD) when using the trademark in communications.

  1. For clarity purpose, the trademark should be used with Certified ESG Planner.

    Recommended Use:
      • I am a CEP® Certified ESG Planner.
      • I am a Certified ESG Planner CEP®.

    NOT recommended Use:
      • I am a CEP®.

  2. Always use capital letters.

  3. Always use the ® superscript symbol.

  4. The CEP® mark must appear in all capital letters and without periods between the letters.

    ​Correct Use:
      • John Lim, CEP®

    Incorrect Use:
      • John Lim, cep®
      • John Lim, C.E.P.®

  5. The CEP® trademark should be used as a descriptive adjective, not as a noun or a verb, except when used within a signature block, on letterhead or on a business card. Trademark law requires that a mark be used as a descriptive adjective, not as a noun or verb. An exception applies when the CEP® mark is used following an individual’s name, e.g., John Lim, CEP®.

    Correct Use:
      • John Lim is a CEP® certificant
      • John Lim practices ESG planning as a CEP® certificant

    Correct Use: (Following Practitioner’s Name)
      • John Lim, CEP®

    Incorrect Use:
      • John Lim is a CEP®

    認可 ESG 策劃師 CEP®

  6. How to add CEP accreditation on a name card

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CEP name card.png
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