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About ICSD

1. What is ICSD?

2. What is the structure of ICSD?

3. How can I learn more about ICSD and its work?

4. How can I become a member of ICSD?

5. What are the benefits of membership?

About ICSD

About CEP® Programs

6. What is the mission of the programme?

7. What is CEPAR®?

8. How are the programmes delivered?

9. Who are the instructors, and what are their qualifications?

10. What is the cost and the details of the programmes?

11. What is a Certified ESG Planner (CEP®)?

12. What are the requirements to become a Certified ESG Planner CEP®?

13. How can I prepare for the Application Paper?

14. How often must a Certified ESG Planner CEP® renew their certification?

15. How can I verify that someone is a Certified ESG Planner CEP®?

About CEP® Programs

About Membership Fee Payment

16. How can I make a payment for my membership?

17. When is the membership fee due?

18. Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel my membership?

19. What happens if I don't renew my membership fee on time?

20. How can I confirm that my membership payment has been received?

About Membership Fee Payment

About Exemption

21. What is the exemption policy?

22. What documentation is required to support an exemption request?

23. How long does it take to process an exemption request?

24. What is the exemption fee?

25. What is next if an exemption request is accepted?

26. What happens if an exemption request is denied?

27. How can I get more information or assistance with an exemption request?

About Exemption
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