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Our Driver:  More blessed to give than to receive.

International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD) is a government-registered not-for-profit organisation (registration number: 0063358) based in Hong Kong. We also have the Chapters at Geneva, Switzerland and London, U.K. (not-for-profit company number: 14301906). Currently, ICSD has over 2,000 members who are Certified ESG Planners CEP® from different industries.


About Us

About Us
We are an NGO and a Learned Society

Our mission is to promote ESG through education. ICSD's activities revolve around United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN 17 SDGs) to promote International recognition of the sustainable development ideology among both individuals and corporations.

Our principal activities include:

  • Education and training

  • Certification

  • Initiatives and campaigns

  • Commentary on public policies

  • Research and publication

  • Projects to support sustainable development (environmental and social aspects)

  • International and local conferences and seminars


ICSD is financially supported by the charity body “SUETRONG EDUCATION RESOURCES”. This body is sponsored by the benefactor, the late Mr. Suetrong Mahaprukpong, who was a successful businessman in telecommunication. Mr. Mahaprukpong was an overseas Chinese in Thailand and a generous supporter for charity.

Organizations we have collaborated with

About Us

Welcome To
International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD)

What makes us


ICSD is a first-of-its-kind “Shared NGO Platform”. We support passionate convenors of not-for-profit projects matching any one of UN 17 SDGs. Guidance, advice, promotion and finance will be provided to the selected projects. We welcome qualified not-for-profit projects to be launched on our platform.

Mission & Participation

How do we work out our mission? (tentative steps)


  1. Potential projects are selected as per UN 17 SDGs and other criteria.

  2. Signing collaboration agreement including the hold-harmless agreement.

  3. ICSD is the sponsor of the project and will monitor its implementation.

  4. Completion/renewal of the project and review.

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