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Conveners & Committee

 Dr. Angus Yip (Chairman) 

Dr. Angus Yip is a veteran corporate banker and asset management consultant for more than 30 years.  He is passionate to promote sustainable development. Angus was educated in the U.K. and got double master degrees in Accounting & Finance (Lancaster University) and Sustainability Leadership (Cambridge University) respectively. In addition, Angus possesses a Master Degree in Management from Harvard University.

Angus is Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong SPACE and obtained the 2017 Outstanding Teacher Award. 

Angus obtained his doctoral degree at the University of Wales TSD, his research area:  ESG reporting

Angus believes in “More blessed to give than to receive”.​

Mike Photo 2.JPG
 Dr. Mike Hui (Vice Chairman) 

Mike has long experience in banking and finance sector and is a devoted trainer and educator of finance and sustainable finance. He obtained his master of science degree in Finance from CUHK and is a CFA charterholder. He completed his DBA program at the University of Wales TSD with thesis topic about ESG Investments.

Mike is Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong SPACE and obtained the 2019 Outstanding Teacher Award.

 Dr. F.C. Tsang (Vice Chairman) 

Dr. Tsang specializes in environmental assessment.   He got his PhD degree in environmental science from Lancaster University, U.K.  Dr. Tsang is competent and enthusiastic to give professional advice to various environmental projects.

Dilys Lam.jpg
 Ms. Dilys LAM (Vice Chairman (Development)) 

Ms. Dilys LAM (Vice Chairman (Development)) is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Governance Professional (ACG), Certified Financial Technologist (CFT), Certified ESG Planner (CEP®) and legally trained. Ms. LAM has strong experience in financial industry across asset management, trustee services, mutual fund and pension fund operations.  She is passionate about adopting digital solutions to facilitate responsible investment development and promoting sustainability education to the public.  In addition, Junior Chamber International awarded Ms. LAM senatorship in 2013 recognizing her exceptional contributions in serving its national and local chapters in Hong Kong since 2006.

 Ms. Tammy Lo (Operations Director) 

Ms. Tammy Lo obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Banking and Finance) from the University of South Australia.  Tammy has extensive experience in securities and futures industry.  She was a Responsible Officer and Executive Director of a bank’s securities firm.  Currently, she devotes herself in serving the operations of ICSD for promoting the sustainable development.

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